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11 Mother Earth Approved Antibiotics


The overuse of antibiotics has run it course and now there is an increasing number of superbugs outsmarting our antibiotics. Did you know there are at least 11 Mother Earth approved antibiotics?

The beautiful thing is they are very effective and don’t kill your gut like traditional prescribed antibiotics! BOOM!

Here are the facts:

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  • The antibiotic pipeline is running dry as an increasing number of superbugs are outsmarting our antibiotics; we are on the tip of the end of the antibiotic age, which will change modern medicine as we know it
  • The CDC estimates that at least 23,000 Americans die each year as a direct result of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, with many more dying from complications; we presently have no tracking system for these infections
  • Of particular concern are bacteria possessing the NDM-1 gene which allows them to transfer their antibiotic immunity to your normal bacteria, thereby transforming ordinary bacteria into superbugs
  • Drug companies are no longer interested in developing antibiotics because they are not as profitable as other, more expensive drugs that can be given to people indefinitely, rather than for just two weeks
  • The most significant driver of this problem is the massive overuse of antibiotics by the agricultural industry, which administers 24.6 million pounds of antibiotics to livestock every year for non-medical purposes


The fact is antibiotics should be the last resort. Before you make that doctor’s appointment for that perscription of antibiotics you are SO conditioned to asking for, check out Mother Nature earth grown antibiotics that need no perscription!!

The 11 Best Natural Antibiotics and How to Use Them

There is no doubt that antibiotics are truly a wonder of modern medicine. Beginning with the discovery of penicillin in 1928, the rapid resolution of bacterial infections from antibiotics caused many in the medical profession to become completely enamored with the drug based approach to illness erroneously thinking that the danger to human life from infections was a thing of the past.

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As you read on you’ll discover oregano oil as listed as #1! This is my go-to when any bacterial (or viral) infections have infiltrated my home.

Click here to read more about oregano oil and where to acquire it. 

Still not convinced there are at least 11 Mother Earth Approved Antibiotics? Check out this video and decide for yourself.


What is your go-to natural antibiotic of choice? Please inspire us all to look to Mother Nature first 🙂

Live Hippily… and seek her first.






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