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5 Tips to Eating Clean and Real Food

If you are new to this… I’m here to hold your hand. Really really tight! ūüėČ

The journey to eating clean and real food has become difficult and complicated. ¬†If you have recently woken up to the fact that our food and the entire food industry sucks, you are not alone. Food is our most precious resource, it sustains life and we couldn’t live without it, duh.

Our uninformed choices are creating an unsustainable food structure and it is we who must pivot and begin to change our relationship to food. As I always say, all change must begin in our home. Our world depends on it. Your child’s world depends on it. EVERYONE’s health depends on it. So change is now.

There is SO much information out there on how to eat healthy. Big Food companies spend billions of dollars advertising their products to you… and to confuse the crap out of you. It works amazingly well. They use countless tactics to create the belief that you need their products and that crap they put on the store shelves are healthy.

Does these sound familiar? ¬†“Vitamin Fortified, Low-Fat, Low Cholesterol, No Sugar Added, Natural, Fresh”? ¬†These fierce marketing tactics create the image that you will be healthier by eating their products, but lurking behind those labels is “food-like” (yes “food-like”, similar to) products. The packaged and bagged foods have been so heavily processed our body is unable to metabolize… and is where the issue begins.

Eat clean and real food. Period. That’s it. That’s the magic pill you’ve been looking for. But it’s not in pill form. It’s in taking charge of your life and health form. You must advocate for yourself and your family.


How do you start this journey? Well this is my strategy, steps, path, journey… whatever you want to call it… my way to a healthier you. Your best self. It’s a holistic image we must embrace to know and embark on this journey to health. Its unlearning many beliefs and truths you trust and hold close. Food is personal… I get it.

Everything you eat either fights or feeds disease. All food and food-like products will can heal or kill you. It’s up to you. You are the only one making the choice on what to feed your face.

First and foremost I urge you to take these first two steps:

  • Know your Why. This is key. It may be a process but when it comes down to making changes, your “Why” is your primary fuel.Why do you want to eat better? Do you want to be alive to see your grandchildren marry? Do you want to ¬†get married? Do you want more sex drive, not be overweight? Maybe just to be the best version of yourself? Maybe because if you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?Well I can tell you eating better and wiser is key. It’s taking steps to improve you ENTIRE you. All of it. It begins with food… well and of course a¬†mindset fueled by your Why.
  • Inform yourself. Even with a solid “Why”, it’s important to understand what we are up against. How our food is produced, what’s added to it. Understand what you are ingesting and how health is directly related to it. This isn’t about diets, trendy nutritional programs, or a way for me to make money. This is about understanding what is going on and how to navigate it. This is your fuel, in addition to your “Why”.Check out my blog post on my top food documentaries. Watch them. Make time to see what’s lurking behind those grocery shelves. You thinks it’s safe… it should be. Nope. This problem is directly related to all our health issues in all of America… okay the majority of them. BE INFORMED!!

Knowing your Why and understanding Big Food’s strategies is key to helping you overcome the challenges we face when sourcing, creating, and navigating this world of healthy eating.

When you are ready here are the 5 Steps to take to move you forward and BEGIN!!! Baby steps. Big Steps. Skip steps. Leap steps. Just begin. I promise as you move forward you will discover the truth and food becomes intuitive. You will know to do. Just begin the journey. Start. Move forward.

Let’s stop the deep and small¬†talk and do this:

Here are my 5 Tips to Eating Clean and Real Food:  

    1. Follow the 2017 EWG Dirty 48 Produce List of all produce containing high levels of pesticides. Buy ALL of these produce organic.
    2. Avoid all of the most common GMO foods!!
      1. Here is a list of the top 20 GMO foods and ingredients. Avoid like the plague.
      2. Read why here.  
      3. Here is a link to tips on how to avoid them. 
    3. Eat less process “boxed and bagged” foods. – If you opt to eat convenient, this is a death wish. All convenience foods are pretty much “food like” products. They are concocted with chemicals, sugars, weird flavoring, and industrial waste products. Learn what to look for by¬†AVOIDING and ELIMINATING ALL Food Additives:
      1. Top 10 Food Additives to Avoid
      2. Avoid MSG. Here’s why and how
    4. ¬†Eat more plants!! Eating meals where plants have the majority “steak” on the plate, have SO many health benefits. Check out these resources to see how plants help heal the body.foods to eat and what NOT to eat!
      1. If you suffer from chronic illness or use pills to cover up symptoms to your body’s imbalance this article is for you! Check out The Healing Foods Diet by Dr. Axe. This is a great place to start understanding what
      2. If you are a bookworm, check out this famous book and study- The China Study (amazon link) Click on this link for an overview of the book.
      3. Focus on Alkaline Foods.¬†There are so many health benefits to consuming foods that¬†¬†balance your body’s pH level. It can reduce morbidity and mortality from numerous chronic diseases and ailments. Highly alkaline foods include fresh vegetables, fruits and unprocessed plant-based sources of protein. Read more here!!
    5.  Limit (or at least be choosy of) your meat consumption. Consuming meat raises your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. Reducing your meat consumption also reduces your carbon footprint and saves precious resources like fresh water and fossil fuel. BUT if you are an absolutely meat eater there is a way to live in harmony as a carnivore, but the most important thing is:
      1. Source responsibility... Find quality meat like grass-fed, pasture raised poultry, etc. Check out this article for tips for sourcing quality meat.
      2. Never ever ever buy farmed fish! EVER! Read why here.
      3. Eliminate or highly reduce all processed meats. Find out why here.
      4. Worried about protein?¬†Most people are who hear that reducing meat consumption is recommended for optimal health. Don’t worry! Plants have you covered! Click on this link for plant-based protein inspiration! You’ll be surprised how much protein plants contain! Here are 25 more plant-based protein sources for you to check out too! Option are endless!

That’s it…. Simple huh? Nope, not really. But if you’ve moved through this process I know you will never turn back. It’s impossible when you know the truth and can see what true health looks like.¬†Remember your Why. Every time you feel overwhelmed or unsure. Your Why will guide you and hold you to the change you wish to create in your life.

I have faith in you. I know you can begin. Let us know where you are on your journey and the next steps you want to take… and WHY!?!

Live Hippily…. and I can’t wait to hold hands again soon ūüôā XO, Becky

P.S. Check out this blog post for more resources for your Awakening!! 



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Becky is lover of life and a mom of two young boys. She believes in empowering moms and women to a healthy and holistic lifestyle through sharing information and experiences. Gratitude and love has led her into this journey and she hopes you will join her in learning and living beautifully.

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