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6 Daily Opportunities to Slowdown and Live Hippily

Are you already rushing through this article to view the list below?

Honestly, I would too, but because I’m writing the article, I’ll read the whole thing slowly… 100 times.

Let’s face it, we are constantly flying though life accomplishing or trying to accomplish multiple things all the time everyday.

Some efforts manifest incredible results and others… not so much. Our frenetic tempo builds stressed-out bodies, anxiety laden lives, and exhaustion.

BELIEVE ME! I’m one of these people trying to fit 1 million small, medium, and big things in a microscopic box called time.

There is so little time in the day to take a deep breath and SLOWDOWN! Or is there?

I have good news, yes there is.

We have so many opportunities to slowdown. Embracing a few hippie tips for slowing down could easily recharge your life, your relationships, and your health.

Okay, if you aren’t already here… Here are a few tips to help you slowdown today, not tomorrow. Now, not later.

1.  Wake up slowly with gratitude. Some days we start off to the races. With so much to accomplish before 9 o’clock, the beginning of  our 16 – 18 hour “awake cycle” is the perfect to begin our day slowly….

…so, upon wakening, take 10 deep breaths and focus each breath on something you are blessed to have in your life. Make it your own. Take just 30 seconds to ground down and start with gratitude.

It will change the frequency of your energy and slowdown the need for speed.

2. Eat Slowly with intention – Some food takes months or even years to present itself on our tables. It can take me 3 minutes to consume a meal it took me an hour to prepare.

It also takes 20 minutes for our stomach to communicate and signal our brain that it’s full. Turn off TV, phones, and all electronic devices.

Connect with your family and harness this time for connection and intimacy with each other and our food.

3. Cook Slowly with Love – This may be the most challenging suggestion here. Our fast paced lives have created the tragic processed food industry.

Meal planning and slowing down the process of food preparation helps us make better choices and provide our family with valuable nutritional energy.

Creating food out of love allows intuition and ideas to transpire.

Implementing this suggestion can immensely help during the week and divert us from using processed food as a crutch in a time crunch.

4. Spend Time Slowly with Our Peeps:  Spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day with your kids and/or significant other with no interruption (including monkey mind).

Make eye contact and truly be with that person in that space. Give them your complete undivided attention.

This intimate connection can harness and express love exponentially. It can work wonders for relationships and take them to a new level.

5. Declutter Your Life by Slowly Decluttering Your Home: Sometimes intentions to be more in the moment and slowdown can easily be disrupted by our stuff.

Possessing too many possessions can overtake our day with the shear management of that stuff.

Less cleaning, organizing, and managing is available to us by simply owning less.

6. Slowly Sleep into Gratitude – As we move into resting our bodies and the house is quiet, this is one of the most accessible opportunities to embrace.

Again, make it your own… Sleeping into gratitude can ease our minds and prepare us for rest and healing.

“Stop, collaborate and listen”… maybe Vanilla Ice was on to something?

Do you rush all day everyday? Do any of these tips ring true to you? What do you do to savor the moments?

Please share!

Live Hippily… and s-l-o-w-l-y!



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