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7 Hippie Tips to Free Your Mind

Humanity is at a crossroads – choose love or fear.

What are you choosing this moment?

Are you choosing worry or anger? Or are you choosing gratitude and love.  Experiencing complete presence or enlightenment is something that is available to us now.

Right now.

I lived most of my past years “trying” to meditate and living in the moment. For me, I was working on being enlightened. Little did I know the mere fact that I was “going” to be anything was constantly living in the future. The future is NEVER here… the Past is never here… The only thing we ever have is now.

These 7 ideas or tips to embrace may help you to be free. Sometimes a small or huge realization is all we need to grow, change, and transform.

Now is the time… don’t wait. The moment is now.

7 Hippie Tips to Free Your Mind

  1. Understand you are not your mind. Our mind is a tool. Watch your thoughts and discover you are not your thoughts… they are just that. Thoughts. When we disconnect from the endless stream of images, judgements, structures, and worries.. we feel our soul… our light and true essence.
  2. Stop telling stories. We tell stories about ourselves, others, and everything we come in contact with and experience. These stories are what our minds make up so that it can continue the busy journey of the monkey mind. Stop believing each thought or story. Choose what you believe and what reality you wish to create.Play with your thoughts and decide what you choose to believe or hold on to. We become so infatuated with who we believe we are, we rarely understand the pure nature of our soul. Immerse yourself in the moment and experience the magic and beauty that surrounds you.
  3. Breathe, move, and connect with your body. Feeling the constant energy that we embody is a simple and effective way to get grounded. The breath is ALWAYS with us… until it’s not. So it can be an anchor and a simple realization that the air that moves through us and the energy we feel is what and who we are. Practice meditation, yoga, walk, hike, earth or run… whatever helps you connect with you with your physical-ness is a tool to become more connected with who you are.
  4. Choose Media Carefully. We are sponges and pick up so many subliminal messages that our consciousness is not aware of! Let your phone and TV sleep in. Find some time to enjoy the stillness of your morning before you begin absorbing negative information from these screens! Be discriminatory on what media you choose to absorb. Read inspiring and enlightening books/content or watch positive and love invoking videos. Be aware of what you feed your soul…
  5. Understand life is not a series of moments but one long beautiful moment. Who hasn’t heard or said “Life is short”. Life is short when we are constantly in our minds telling and believing the stories we tell. Life is long and sacred when we live in the moment. There is an absolute sacredness one feels when present.When we are present and connected with the realness of each moment… we understand that life is long. It never ends. The future never comes and the past will never be again.
  6. Play like a child. We forget how to play as we grow older. The expectations we place in our lives take us over and we stop having fun! Run in the sprinklers, swim in the ocean, throw rocks at your neighbor’s windows… ha! Just kidding, don’t do that… but have FUN! Allow the child within to express themselves and feel the freedom you create in your life.
  7. Realize that our bodies do not discriminate what is created by our minds and what is actually happening. If our thoughts are filled with worrisome situations or stressful energy, our bodies remain in a constant contraction emitting stress hormones. Learn to release the thoughts that don’t serve you and relax..Life is too precious to waste on worry.Don’t wait. Be here now. Close your eyes connect with your breath and be grateful.

Gratitude, awareness of the absorption of media, choosing the stories you believe, playing and moving all help the soul grow and express it’s true nature.

What did I miss?! Please share how you free your mind.

We are all on a journey and must choose love and fear every moment. Just be and breath. You are absolutely perfect. Love yourself and accept your soul’s expression in this world.

Live Hippily… and choose love.


About the Author

Becky is lover of life and a mom of two young boys. She believes in empowering moms and women to a healthy and holistic lifestyle through sharing information and experiences. Gratitude and love has led her into this journey and she hopes you will join her in learning and living beautifully.

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