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A Hippily Guide to DIY Window Cleaner

I remember the days when I thought Windex was the window cleaning king.

Wow… was I wrong. I can’t imagine spraying any of that toxic crap in my home now… I literally mad dog that stuff when I pass by it in the store.

Okay so nix the windex and opt to make a natural and effective window cleaner. So simple… all you need is…

Hippie DIY Window Cleaner


Distilled Water
1 cup White Vinegar
15 – 20 drops Lemon Essential Oil


Fill a 16 oz amber glass spray bottle with 1 cup white vinegar and fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water leaving room at the top for essential oils. Shake to mix and get ready to have clean and safe windows 🙂

Do you have another effective and natural window cleaner recipe? Please share…

Live Hippily… and nix the Windex.

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