Welcome! I am Becky Wells, an advocate for healthy, holistic and happy living! I am a mother and seeker of the truth. My mission is to inspire real change in our world… by first being the change int he world.

As the founder of Hippie Moms and Hippie Kitchen,  two Facebook communities with over of over 2500 (collectively and growing quickly)  like-minded souls all over the world, I am dedicated to create a safe, loving, supportive, and encouraging community to help you in your Mother-Nature focused journey.

We live in a time where our food production and distribution has been exploited to serve a lazy society. We are aware of the countless harmful chemicals in our homes. We are awake to these crimes and stand against them for ourselves and our families.

It is my mission to spread the word and help mothers navigate though all the hype and confusion! Our communities support and assist all who embrace this truth and makes it more accessible, less intimidating, and fun!

The health of our unit and tribe begins with us. We vote with our dollars and we must change the way we feed and heal our bodies.

Join me in your journey and free your life of toxins in your home and mind, be informed and inspired, and share your knowledge with us! It’s how we grow and be the change in the world we wish to see!

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Our communities are founded on sharing and learning together. We can grow exponentially with the love and support of others on a similar path.

Join us to connect, share your ideas, tips, inspirations, and knowledge to live a healthy, holistic, and healing lifestyle!

Live Hippily,

Becky Wells
Founder Hippie Moms