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Access to High Quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Not all essential oils are created equal!!

Adulterated and impure oils sold on store shelves and produced by questionable companies can be extremely toxic and a complete rip off! So do your research!

I researched for 6 MONTHS! If I’m going to put these powerful liquids on and in my body… and most importantly my kids body’s, they are going to be the most pure and high quality ever! Right?!

So with that, I choose Young Living.

Young Living controls all of their farming and manages the entire “Seed to Seal” process. (Read about Seed to Seal Process Here)… and well their essential oils are pure and powerful!

Are they organic? This is question I asked, and finally found the answer!

“Our essential oils are not marketed as organic. The reason why our oils are not 100% certified organic is due to the fact that we occasionally import our oils from different countries. As most of these countries do not have organic standards set or organic standards that match the US standards, we are unable to certify them organic. With this said, please rest assured, that Young Living will not accept any oils or plants that do not meet our strict standards.

In order to achieve “Therapeutic Grade” classification, each essential oil must scientifically prove the designation naturally, without manipulation, refinement and or spiking and meet specific criteria in each of 4 key areas: Plants, Preparation, Purity, and Potency.”

To guarantee consistent, verifiable quality, their oils are tested in Young Living’s own internal labs as well as in third-party facilities.

Their testing methods ensure the oils meet stringent specifications, exceed international standards, and contain the desired levels of bioactive compounds. They are NEVER dilute, cut or adulter EVER.

If you are beginning your journey to essential oils, I welcome and commend you for following your heart. This is the beginning of healing and living a more holistic lifestyle and creating a non-toxic environment for your family.

You have attracted “the better way” to live life holistically.

Young Living offers wholesale memberships. The first step is purchasing an awesome and valuable essential oil starter kit. It includes 11 essential oils and a atomized diffuser for you to dive in and experience mother nature’s purest gifts.
Ready to dive in?! To buy high quality therapeutic grade essential oils at wholesale pricing CLICK HERE.
Check the box to sign up as a wholesale member. pick the starter kit of your choice and boom. You are never required to purchase again you just receive 24% off retail prices…
Want to see what amazing essential oils you’ll receive in the premium starter kit? CLICK HERE  Oh and it comes with an effective home (ionizer) diffuser too! Boom!
Not sure yet? It’s okay!! We encourage you to research the sourcing practices of any essential oil company, the provider/distributor, along with safety information before using.
Regardless, if you are here you are aware of EO’s incredible benefits and how they truly change lives.
What essential oils do you use? Do you love them? Please inspire us!
Live Hippily… and welcome to your oily journey!

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