Hippie Moms Aren't Crazy

Are You Hippie Enough?

Do you look like this?

Do you frolic in nature barefoot wearing a maxi dress and a flower crown?

Do you sometimes go off the grid and experiment with acid?

Although maybe some of you do… or want to, this is not a requirement of this “hippie” community.

Throughout this journey with Hippie Moms Aren’t Crazy, I have talked to many women who don’t think they are hippie enough to be featured in our “Meet a Hippie Mom” series. This feedback has fueled this post because… well I get it.

I hope to shed new light on the idea of Hippie Moms, our community, and a few tips to living hippily and sharing your journey with us.

We live in a time where food and medicine have been exploited to serve a lazy and instantly gratified seeking society. Our community is aware and has awakened to this reality and we stand against it for ourselves and our families. The health of our unit and tribe begins with us.

If you strive for and seek healthful ideas and holistic healing, then you are on the journey with us. You’re hippie enough if… you are reading this. Our paths have crossed because you have attracted us and we have attracted you. Embracing that each member is on the same journey but a different path helps us to becoming more open to the tips and ideas presented.

To get the most out of the community here are a few Hippie Tips:

1. SHARE! Don’t be afraid to put it out there. We are all on different parts of our journey and have information to help other hippies out on their journey.

2. Try something new. Have you seen an idea, recipe, or concept that interests you? Try it out and report back…. or just try it out.

3. Change. We are constantly in a state of change. Embrace this reality and be comfortable with it. Just a little shift in your everyday life will result in a huge shift in your lifetime.

4. Be intimidated, then get over it. It’s okay to be a little weary of the ideas shared. I am too sometimes. That’s great. It means we are getting out of our comfort zone and becoming more open to ideas.

5. Love yourself. I had to throw this in here. This is not really a Hippie tip, it’s a life tip. When you love yourself you open yourself to all possibilities in every aspect of life. Then change is completely embraceable!

Do you have a tip on how to embrace this community? Please refer to tip #1.

Live Hippily, Becky


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