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Basil Pinenut Pesto

You know those basil plants at Trader Joe’s?

Yeah. Buy one, plant it, and make pesto. Boom.

The crazy thing about growing herbs is they can last forever and save you money… it’s like printing money but not.

I’m a sucker for dips. They are SO easy to snack on and/or incorporate into a meal.  I add my pesto to wraps, marinara sauce, and couple then marry with hummus.

Although it takes a bit of time to make your own, it’s worth the investment. You can quickly whip it out and use veggie sticks and/or crackers (these are my favorite crackers) as a vehicle to get it your mouth.  You set yourself up for healthful options to eat, rather than reaching for some processed food box (although I doubt you’d EVER do that.).

What makes this recipe different than most is I use lemon and lemon zest… the acidity really adds depth and flavor. Also, if you aren’t a huge raw garlic fan… start with one garlic clove and work your way up.

Let’s do this.

Basil Pinenut Pesto


  • 1 cup packed with “FULL of fresh basil
  • 3/4 cup organic pine nuts (you can sub walnuts or even soaked cashews – allow to soak for at least 3 hours, rinse and use)
  • 3 Large cloves of garlic (I LOVE raw garlic and the health benefits are awesome – read more about that here)
  • 1/8 cup grated, organic, raw, and grass-fed Parmigiano cheese (you can always remove cheese and make it a vegan. Boom.)
  • Juice from one organic lemon and about 1 tsp of lemon zest
  • Salt and pepper to taste (I add in about 1tsp of each and adjust accordingly after I taste)


Place all ingredients in a food processor. Process until smooth and creamy.

Hippie Tip: If your pesto isn’t as green as my photo.. add a handful (or two) of more basil. It should be bright green! Taste and adjust flavors to your buds.

Are you inspired to make Basil Pinenut Pesto? I hope so! It’s easy, it’s green, versatile and full of healthy.

Do you have a favorite dip or pesto recipe? Please share it NOW!

Live Hippily… and plant some basil.



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