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“F-U Future Self”

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for” – author unknown


This is a story about how the decisions we make in this moment have a clear effect on our future-self…

…and if we were to mindfully consider about how the decisions we make in the moment impact our future-self, would that mindfulness change our actions in this moment?

In late summer of 2009, my twin brother visited me and like always we paid a visit to our favorite burger joint.

This visit was special, we were going to go see Mars Volta live in concert…

Who is Mars Volta? I had no clue but I knew if my brother loved their music…

…I would hate it.

I didn’t care, spending time with James was always a riot.  As the night began at the burger joint we both ordered the same over-sized burger, a few beers, and two orders of fries.

The usual… overkill.

James wished to save room for more spirits at the concert so he saved his half burger.

It was the usual delicious and overfilling experience and despite the strong urge to go home and lay on the couch with a food induced coma, we made our way to the concert indulging in more alcoholic beverages and mosh-pits.

Due to a nightly overload of body abusing, I passed out immediately upon arriving home.

The next experience I remember was being awakened by my brother begging for antacids. I told him that only he had received the acid reflux gene in the womb.

I woke up the next morning and a few hours later James emerged. He looked as though death became him.

He was beet red, eyes glazed over, with a look of complete anguish. I was amused.

He told me that shortly after our arrival home, he had an intense case of the late night munchies. He heated up his half-burger and after a few bites knew it was not going to sit well.

He looked at the rest of his burger and said “F-U Future James”! Then he finished it.

He  knew the decision of eating the rest of the burger on top of everything else previously consumed, would ultimately result in a horrible bodily experience to follow.

He didn’t care in that moment as the burger tasted even better than it’s already eaten other half.

As he told me about this conversation with with his future self, I burst into an uncontrollable laughing fit.

Only James could come up with something so ridiculous but also astounding in meaning.

Although this experience was remarkably funny, it was a moment of enlightenment for me.

The relationship between James knowing that his half-burger was going to cause him physical pain and his complete acceptance of that fact was fascinating.

He knew his future self would feel awful and he would ultimately pay the price for this late night burger consumption decision.

Maybe we can all learn something from James about our future selves.

Taking them into consideration before we have that…

next beer
overkill burger
too many french fries

… could potentially help us pivot our choices to the ones with more healthful or beneficial outcomes.

Maybe we take into consideration tomorrow future self along with 5 years from now future self?

Are the decisions you are making today say”F-U future self” or “I’ve got your back future self” (literally and figuratively)?

Maybe we can be more loving and compassionate for our future, future future, and futurex3 beings.

What are your decisions today saying to your self tomorrow?

Please share and…

Live Hippily… presently and future-ly.


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