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Hippie Moms at Home – 21 Day – Mind Body Home Challenge

Welcome! Thank you for trusting me with your attention. I know it is a rare commodity in the world today. Our lives are pulled in so many directions. Creating time and space for ourselves is rare and precious.

Most of us are overwhelmed, tired, and don’t believe we have time to truly take care of ourselves. We constantly poor out into others’s cups while we neglect our own needs.

I’ve lived in this space before and my intention is to bring, in this 21 day challenge, inspiration and empowerment to create the time, change, and health in your life.

I am a mom on a mission dedicated to inspiring moms to fill THEIR cup, move them and their families towards optimal health, and create homes that reflect that change.

Moving ourselves and our families towards optimal health during these times can seem daunting. My goal is educate, share, and guide you on the steps to choose to live a clean and healthy lifestyle. From how we take care of our minds, to how we nourish and care for our bodies, to creating connection and a healthy environment in our homes.

As we choose a perspective to look at our life in wholeness rather than lack, we will explore where each of us needs guidance and encouragement, fueled by YOUR own true authentic power.

My hope is not to teach you anything. My hope it to help you discover it within yourself.

Let’s touch on what the challenge is all about, shall we?

About the challenge 

For 21 days we will journey together to create more balance in our minds, bodies, and homes. The weekly intent is to create and find balance in each of these parts of our lives. Daily we create time in our lives to intentionally focus on our mental, physical well beings and the well being of our homes.

We will empower each other to discover our authentic power, clarity and peace waiting to be tapped into. Let’s explore more.

Week 1: Mind 

Week on will be focused on exploring and creating personalized and sustainable rituals that we can count on everyday to fill our cup. Spending just few moments a day will assist us in creating the grounding and peace within us. This will be highly personalized and will require you to spend 5 – 20 minutes per day filling your cup.

The questions we will ask  and discuss in depth will be:

  • We will explore our ‘Why” and our purpose to anchor our daily efforts and continue to encourage our growth and path to well being.
  • What does it actually mean to fill our cup and why is it so important?
  • How do we tap into peace and clarity in our lives?
  • We explore and discuss simple and sustainable rituals to practice daily lives to nurture our souls day after day?
  • Amidst the chaos of motherhood, what tools can we implement to approach life more wholeheartedly, calm, and with a sense of grace?

Implementing intentional tools and rituals, ground us helps us to stay focused on what is truly important and not get whisked away with the mundane and overwhelming day-to-day thoughts and experiences we all have as mothers.


Week 2: Body

The second week, fueled with a clear and grounded mindset,  we will build momentum and move our focus to our physical health and wellness. Our focus will be to create lasting wellness within our soul’s home. This also will be highly personalized and will require you to spend 30 -45 minutes per day on YOUR health and wellness.

The questions we will ask  and discuss in depth will be:

  • What are the fundamentals of true lasting health?
  • We will explore health myths and gain an understanding of how to navigate in the current food environment of confusion-marketing  and lie selling.
  • Creating a a daily routine to increase our energy and vitality can also be daunting for most moms. How do we move past this blockage and wholeheartedly move our body toward optimal health?
  • What really is in our food and how do we avoid known toxins and learn to decipher labels more effectively and confidently?
  • How do we source, buy and create nourishing and clean food for our homes?
  • What about beauty products? What are the major toxins we need to avoid and what are better options?

I will create the space and present knowledge to make our day-to-day choices less confusing and overwhelming. I’ll share with you my struggles I’ve experienced and the strategies I use every day to move my family and me towards optimal health.

Week 3: Home

The third week fueled with confidence, strength, and motivation, we will create inspiration and knowledge in transitioning our homes to a cleaner and healthier environment.  This also will be highly personalized and require you to transition to safer products and keep an open mind.

The questions we will ask  and discuss in depth will be:

  • Life’s perceived struggles and parenthood itself can create separation within our home. How do we create a more connected family and home life?
  • Do we own our stuff of does our stuff own us? We will discuss strategies to de-clutter our homes to create more space and time. Yes you can create more time.
  • What are the most common chemicals found in our homes and how to we eliminate and/or avoid them?
  • Busyness is an epidemic. Our actions revolve around beliefs that many of us have never questioned. We debunk many of these beliefs and ask ourselves, “Why are we so busy?”. Does it really serve us and how do we learn to slow down and say no?

We face many challenges as mother’s today. From our food system to our belief-system. My promise to you is to be vulnerable, real, authentic, and share all actions I take in life to create health, balance, and growth… so maybe you can skip a few “growth” steps!!

When we begin to pay attention to our own inner needs and intuition, then we can truly be the love we wish for in our families. This is a selfless act… and quite contrary to what many believe.  It’s a form of self-love. When we fill our cups we then can fully poor into other’s without feeling drained and empty.

The cost for the 21 day challenge is $67 and due upon application acceptance. The group is limited to only 15 people. This will keep it intimate and a safe place to get real and raw. Once the application is filled and returned you will receive an e-mail notification from me with further information! 

This will be a transformative experience and I ask only those who are truly looking to create real lasting change in their lives to apply.

I can’t wait to get to know you and experience this transformation together!

Click here to apply 


About the Author

Becky is lover of life and a mom of two young boys. She believes in empowering moms and women to a healthy and holistic lifestyle through sharing information and experiences. Gratitude and love has led her into this journey and she hopes you will join her in learning and living beautifully.

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