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Intuitive Eating: What is it and What are the Benefits?

We’re stressed, we eat.

We’re tired, we eat.

We eat ALL the time… but what drives us to put some foods in our mouths over others? Culture and society definitely have their influence on our food choices… but the view we hold of ourselves tends to dictate how we feed ourselves!

” Intuitive eaters report feeling upbeat, happy, appreciative, more socially integrated, effective and resilient. They’re even more likely to be physically active on a regular basis, perhaps because they value their bodies more and have more energy.”

Do you want have a healthier relationship with food? It becomes difficult to shed the conditioned thinking we’ve picked up over the years… or is it? If you think it is, then you are right. If you don’t think it is… then you’re right! Whatever you think is your story!

Maybe choose to create a new story?

Intuitive eating is all about listening to yourself… your entire being for the cues on what it your soul’s home really needs. By accepting ourselves fully and loving every inch of our being, we make space for the messages our bodies have for us to rise and be heard.

“The goal of Intuitive eating is to practice health on every level – both physically and mentally.”

Are you tired of dieting? Tired of depriving yourself of all the foods you shouldn’t eat? Well maybe intuitive eating is something for you?

This article has some amazing tips, insights, and steps to becoming a more intuitive eater.

Intuitive Eating:
The Anti-Dieting Approach
to Losing Weight

Most people are starting to accept the idea that “diets” — the kind you go on and then off of — don’t work in the long run. In fact, reports now show that about 90 to 95 percent of all diets fail! (1) One of the ironies behind failed diets and yo-yo dieting is that, ultimately, some diets make you fat.

Meanwhile, people tend to blame themselves, feeling like a lack of willpower, no self-control and bad genetics are the reasons they can’t lose weight. Sometimes they blame themselves so much that they stop eating and enter into a dangerous starvation mode rather than adopt a more healthful approach like mindful eating.

Along the lines of more healthful approaches to eating comes “Intuitive Eating”: an emerging approach to sustainable healthy eating and body acceptance. Intuitive eaters believe that the blame shouldn’t be put on “dieters” themselves, but instead on the flawed process of dieting. According to dozens of studies, this approach seems promising and a “realistic alternative to address overweight and obesity than conventional weight-loss treatments.” (2)

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Do you experience yo-yo diets? Failing at one diet and looking to another to “do the trick”. Unfortunately, there is no one trick to loosing weight and keeping it off. It’s a lifestyle decision. Love and accepting yourself fully is the first step in health and wellness.

Are you ready? Let us know what you think?

Live Hippily… and love and listen to yourself!!!


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