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Meet Hippie Mom, Jessica Will!

Meet Hippie Mom, Jessica Will! Jessica resides in Sandusky, Ohio! Guess what she “hides” in her spaghetti sauce for optimal health?

Don’t miss her awesome “how-to” video explaining the importance of soaking our grains and nuts to obtain the most nutritional benefits and her insight on the GAPS diet! 

Q) What do you love about your city? A) We live right on the water, Lake Erie, and its beautiful and great for summertime. We have all four seasons here which I love! Its also a great place to raise kids and my son has tons of family and cousins here.

Q) What is a tip you think every Hippie mom needs to know? A) Heal your gut! A leaky gut is tied to so many things now and in our environment we come in contact with daily toxins. We need a healthy gut to detoxify and rid our body of these toxins. I recommend meat broths and fermented foods to start. I also follow the principals of the WAPF (Weston A. Price Organization) , which includes a diet of traditional foods prepared the traditional way. This is includes grass fed liver once a week (we hide the taste by cooking it in spaghetti ), soaking your grains and nuts so they are “sprouted” and easier to digest and a daily dose of cod liver oil for the whole family!

Q) What is your go-to recipe or current favorite recipe? A) Artichoke chicken… (See bottom of post for this yummy recipe)!

Q) What is your favorite or most used holistic or natural remedy? A) I make a homemade meat broth ( not to be confused with bone broth) with Himalayan salt for stomach flu, food poisoning and really anything stomach related to help re-seal the gut lining and add electrolytes if needed. We also love colloidal silver for topical use.

Q) What is one thing you can’t live without? My Bulletproof coffee! This includes 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of grass fed butter. I also love that its mycotoxin free.

Q) What is your yours or your kids’ favorite healthy food? A) Since its summer we love to make a healthy smoothie with fresh fruit, avocado, coconut oil and homemade almond milk.

Q) What do you incorporate into your daily life for optimal health? A) Again, I think this is repetitive with other Hippie moms but chiropractic care has been so beneficial for my family! Find one that does the activator. It’s a different method that doesn’t pop you and activates your own body to do the healing. I also use a D.O that is a naturopath doctor for kids. When my son is sick we go to her and we do NAET for any virus/bacterial infection we have and she treats him and within 24 hours he is better. No meds or antibiotics!

Q) What was the best advice you received from another Hippie Mom/Woman? A) Vaccines! I received a few good books from some other hippie moms that helped me be educated on some of the good and the bad with vaccines.

Q) What healthy habit or healthful food have you always wanted to try or incorporate into your life but haven’t? A) I don’t juice enough. For some reason that intimidates me so I need a few good recipes!

Do you have a favorite juice recipe to share with Jessica?! 

Q) What is your least favorite house chore and why? A) Cleaning the Litter box, I hate that chore!

Q) What do you do for yourself on a daily or weekly basis? A) I work out consistently, love yoga and do a crossfit like class 3x a week. I think the key to longevity is to keep moving!

Q) What is the biggest challenge eating healthy? A) For me… its having healthy choices available at family get-togethers and healthy sweet options at home when I am craving them.

Q) What is one healthy goal you want to incorporate or accomplish in your or your kids’ life over the next several months? I want to work on eating more of a paleo diet and incorporate more fermented foods for my family. We eat close to it… we just haven’t made the full switch to it.

Q) What is something you can share with us that is funny, embarrassing, or vulnerable?  A) Since my mid 20s I have always been into health, organic foods when I could and vitamins and supplements when I needed them. When my son was born I was in “tired mom” mode trying to get by. He started to have eczema and constipation around 6 months. It continued to get worse and worse I started researching what I could do to help him naturally. This was the start of my real health journey! I learned so much about genetics and leaky gut and how important it is for our health. I put my son and myself on the GAPS diet and slowly started to heal him. I had to learn a ton about preparing foods…Don’t get me wrong I love to cook but it was a huge learning curve! I am so happy today that I have learned so much through this journey and that my son is happy, healthy and eczema free.

Q) What hobbies or passions do you have? I love spending time with my family. We love to travel and try new places! I am very passionate about health and wellness too!

Check out Jessica’s “how-to” video and be inspired to prepare your food differently for optimal health!

Artichoke Chicken Recipe:

4 chicken breasts or 6 thighs
1 cup or chicken broth (preferably homemade)
Three jars of artichokes (drained)
1TBSP Olive oil and /or Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil (I use Tropical Traditions)
Sal/ pepper to taste

Cover and bake at 350 degrees for 1.5 hours
Serve with fresh salad and pasta and white sauce of choice

Thank you Jessica Will! We are stoked and grateful you share your journey to healthy and holistic living with us! Lots of Hippie love your way! 


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