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The 6 Benefits of Shaving Your Face!

I was so embarrassed…

…to finally admit to my husband I shave my face?

I had a couple glasses of wine before I reluctantly admitted my truth.

I had to tell him or our relationship was based on a lie…

… okay maybe that was a little over dramatic but it did feel as if I was withholding a deep dark secret.

Especially when I had to sneak into my bathroom to do what I had to do.

I finally told him and he just shrugged. He already knew and loved me anyway. SIGH!

Even to this day I absolutely loathe him catching me shaving!

It was empowering to read so many articles revealing the many benefits of a woman shaving her face.

Especially because I’ve always been ashamed of this ritual I absolutely love.

I’ve received A LOT of personal messages via Facebook and in person asking me the same question, “Do you really shave your face? Doesn’t the hair grow back thicker?” My answer is “NO!!”

It is a myth… you will not have a 5 o’clock shadow.

Shaving does not change the living part of the hair follicle buried deep inside your skin.

Now if you have whisker patches, like the one that resides on the very bottom of my chin…

…those hairs will not change but forever remain whiskers… just pluck those bad boys.

There are many benefits to shaving, besides you feeling your most beautiful self.  

Here are 6 benefits to shaving your face:

  1. Excellent way of exfoliating. Removing the top layer of dead skin cells provides a healthier more smooth complexion.
  2. Encourages collagen production. This will help fight aging and wrinkles.
  3. Helps make-up go on more evenly and smoothly. You will love the way your natural make-up looks on clean shaven skin. It’s awesome.
  4. Makes you GLOW! Your smooth skin will look brighter and lighter.
  5. Removes peach fuzz and furry face! This is an obvious one. Not everyone can afford dermaplaning a few times a month. Don’t go weeks with fuzzy face. Just shave it.

Here is my “How to guide”to shave your face:

1. Start with a new and dedicated face-only razor. Don’t allow your legs and face to share a razor.

2. Wet entire face and add your favorite natural facial cleanser.

3. Shave-a-way – You can use the razor in two directions. With the growth pattern or against the growth pattern. I use the latter method.
Start with the direction you are most comfortable with.

4. When finished this is an opportune time to exfoliate further, steam, and use your natural face moisturizer.

I shave my WHOLE face (except my eyebrows)a couple times a week.

Are you willing to give it a go? Or finally admit your truth?

Have you recently tried it for the first time?

Live Hippily… and your most beautiful self.



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