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How to Buy Organic on a Budget

When every I post on the importance of eating organic, I often hear the response “But organic food is SO expensive and I just can’t afford it.”


But I ask you… are willing to pay now or later? Are you willing to invest in your health or save money to spend on medical costs in the future?

This unfortunately is reality… our food system has been hijacked by big companies. The chemicals and pesticides used in “traditional” foods are linked to numerous forms of cancer, diabetes, endocrine and autoimmune diseases. 

It’s time to prioritize our health over our “things”!! So how do you eat organic on a budget? Read below and be inspired!! 

How To Eat Organic
On A Budget
(Over 75 Tips!)

The one tried and true worry I get about living an organic lifestyle is the cost. It’s likely the only immediate downside because everything else about living organically is pretty magical. Remember, non-organic food often contains cancer-causing hormones, immunity destroying anti-biotics and dangerous pesticides. Pesticides by nature are designed to kill, they are poison. So when given the choice, I don’t know why anyone could logically buy food with poison sprayed on it? Pesticides can cause neurological problems, cancer, infertility, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, allergies and asthma, wheezing, rashes and other skin problems, ADHD, birth defects and more. That’s why buying quality organic food and eating the most nutritious foods on the planet will save you BIG BUCKS down the road in medical costs, prescription drugs and doctor visits…like my friend Birke always says “We can either pay the farmer or we can pay the hospital” – It’s totally up to us.

Click here to continue reading and discover Over 75 Tips On How to Eat Organic On A Budget…

 Meal planning and focusing on eating a more plant-focused diet can help immensely with costs. How do you save on buying organic foods? Please inspire us! 

Live Hippily… and maybe choose to invest in your health!


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