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Want Better Relationships with Others? Start Here.

It’s easy to fall into relationships and expect our partner to make us happy and whole.

This is the biggest misconception in the whole universe! I mOther people cannot and will not make us happy. The only one who can do that is… ourself. 

” It is when we exert self-compassion, research shows, that we become happier and more resilient; that we have less anxiety, depression, and stress; and that our relationships with others improve.”

Grow more with this information and learn to embrace YOUR power and ability to be self-compassionate… the transformation will unfold and your experience will be worth every moment of the love and wholeness you feel. 

I loved this article and hope you will too 🙂

The #1 Predictor of Relationship Success No One Talks About

Want Better Relationships with Others? Start Here.

When we think about creating a healthy and successful relationship with someone, we tend to focus on how we can best bridge our differences. We want to allow room for both of us to be our different selves, we want to be able to openly communicate about the ways in which we see things differently, we want to learn to see and even appreciate the world from the other’s perspective.

Especially when that relationship is between a woman and a man, we want to allow ourselves to revel in the vastness between us. The messages we’ve received have told us, after all, that we are worlds apart: Venus and Mars have different orbits, different gravities, different wavelengths of light. Negotiating this vastness seems so gloriously inclusive. But now scientific observations using new scanning technology suggests something even more fascinating: That view simply isn’t true.

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Have you had a similar experience? When I stopped blaming my husband for my unhappiness or cause of my frustration or annoyance… life blossomed. I still work daily on my reactions… finding my center and breathing is the beginning of change for me. Is it for you too?

Please share! Let’s be self-compassionate together and change our world 🙂

Live Hippily… and show yourself some compassion!


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