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Why “Just Let it Go” Doesn’t Always Work

I hear it almost every time I practice yoga….

“Just let it go”.

It’s as if this magical phrase is the answer to any problem in that moment of time. Just let it go…

Yes… does letting go of the guy who cut you off and gave you the bird seem like the most appropriate thing to do? Yes!

Does letting go of the little tiff you and your spouse had about where you should go to dinner… since they never have any suggestions anyway? Yes! Let that sh** go!

I truly believe this phrase has been so over used and it’s about time we examine the appropriate time and place to use it…

Because some things just aren’t that easy to just let go of.

I admit I formally used it ALL the time… it can be applied to so many situations and since I’m the one conveying the message to someone else about their “situation”… “Just let it go” works… well for me.

But does it work for the person who hears it?

Sometimes “letting go” isn’t the solution to our emotional, mental, and/or physical ailment. It’s a much deeper message that God and the Universe is giving us… and until that message is heard,or situation is embraced and healed. We will not and can not let it go.

Of course there are ALL levels of what we consider negative life experiences. Tragedy, loss, a suffering inner child… These are not examples of life experiences that can just be let go of.

Some of us understand that in order to move on we have to do deep and serious work within. Yoga, therapy and meditation are forms of work that allow us to dive in deep examining these situations and pain we are suffering from.

Doing the work is the only way to release our deeply hidden hurt. We must completely immerse ourselves in this life experience, feel it, accept it and SURRENDER to it… only then it will no longer have power over us.

When we allow and encourage it to rise and be released it is no longer buried it deep within us. We will no longer require drugs, alcohol or food to keep it buried and fill that space it exists in.

When we do the work our bodies literally clear out that energy we have held on to since our experience happened…  Our hearts, guts, and throats will burn when we cleanse and release it from our bodies.The pain that we feel in that release is a fraction of the pain we feel by burying it deep inside.

When we do the work we will no longer attract the same situations we did in the past that required us to deal with that pain. Once it’s gone it is gone… it can no longer exist within us and hold us back.

So maybe instead of saying “just let it go”… we say “SURRENDER… be quiet and listen to the message you are receiving… follow it. It may take you to a deep and scary place but eventually you will move through that place of fear.”… okay not as catchy as “just let it go” but I think you get my point here!

What is on the other side of surrender?? Freedom, empowerment, and love.

Live hippily…. and do the work 😉

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Becky is lover of life and a mom of two young boys. She believes in empowering moms and women to a healthy and holistic lifestyle through sharing information and experiences. Gratitude and love has led her into this journey and she hopes you will join her in learning and living beautifully.

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