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DIY Summer Hydrating Face Mist

Summer is brutal in Scottsdale.

Air Conditioning and Pools are the only saviour to the heat-stricken desert…. those and my DIY face spray.

Make-up melts and sweat stinks.

I take this summer time spray poolside, carside, inside, outside. The nurturing elements of aloe vera, rosehip oil, rose, and lavender essential oils concoct a nourishing face spray.

I love using lavender, rose, and geranium as they are face favorites and the floral aroma is perfect for hot sweaty days. Hydrating face mist is perfect to whip out and spray away! I LOVE it!

It’s so easy!

DIY Summer Hydrating Face Mist




3/4 filtered water
1 Tbsp Rosehip Oil
Aloe Vera Gel
20 drops of assorted Essential Oils (Lavender, Rose, Frankincense, Geranium are anti-aging and face favorites)


Fill a 4 oz spray bottle with 3/4 part water.
Add in Rosehip Oil
Add in Essential Oils
Fill the rest with aloe vera gel, making sure to leave room for the spray to be reinserted without spillage (EO’s are precious… waste not!)

Shake well and spray your beautiful face! I love the dewiness and moisture this spray creates on my skin. It’s hydrating and smells amazing! By dry skin, hello dewy face!

Do you have a favorite summer spray? Please share! It’s how we learn 😉

Live Hippily… and just be more dewy!


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