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Homemade and Gut Healing Jello

Remember those jello packages we used to make with our moms?

Strawberry Jello contains: (SugarGelatin, Adipic Acid (For Tartness), Contains Less Than 2% Of Artificial Flavor, Disodium Phosphate And SodiumCitrate (Control Acidity), Fumaric Acid (For Tartness), Red 40.)

Full of artificial sweeteners and chemicals, this shit should be banned and NEVER allowed to be fed to kid. Luckily this nourishing gummy / jello recipe is not only healthy, provides lots of protein, antioxidants, and minerals… it doesn’t contain all that SHIT!!!

The ingredient that creates the mixture to “gel” is gelatin, which has a plethora of health benefits:

    • Improves Gut Health and Digestion.
    • Protects Joints and Lowers Joint Pain.
    • Helps Improve Sleep Quality.
    • Lifts Your Mood and Improves Cognitive Abilities
    • Improves Skin Health
    • Helps Maintain Heart Health
    • Maintains Strong Bones
    • Helps You Feel Full

Read more about this healing protein here… 

This recipe is my third try and I have to give myself a pat on the back. It’s just the right amount of fruit, sweet, tart, and jello-y texture. I think you and your kids will love it! Speaking of kids… have them help you out in the kitchen!!

Let’s do this!!

For this recipe you will need a high quality blender, I highly recommend a Vitamix… they are totally worth the splurge. You will also need silicon gummy molds if you wish to make bears, worms, etc…. These are the ones I got and love them! OR you can just put the liquid in an airtight glass container, I use a few of them, and place in fridge to gel just like jello!


1 pint of organic strawberries
6 ounce organic rasberries
Juice of 1 medium sized lemon
3-4 TBSP of raw unfiltered local honey (any honey will work but make sure it’s REAL HONEY!!)
1/4 cup Gelatin for jello and add 2 tbsp if putting into molds.** (My preferred and recommended brand here)

Note: It’s is SUPER important to source grass fed gelatin. Don’t settle for cheap gelatin. Great Lakes is my preferred brand (link shown above).

You can also use a combination of watermelon, black berries, blueberries, etc… options are endless!


Clean, de-stem, and pat dry organic berries. Place into blender and add lemon juice.

Process on high for about a minute. Pour mixture into a sauce pan and heat sauce on low to medium heat. Constantly whisking pour in honey, mix well. Pour in gelatin slowly and continue to mix constantly. The mixture should reach about 100 degrees. DO NOT BOIL! We want to keep all the goodness in while heating the mixture so the gelatin sets as planned.

Once mixed and heated, remove from heat and, using a small cup measure poor into molds. Using a knife to even the molds out and move the mixture into other molds is helpful and keeps your sanity.

Poor the rest of the mixture into an airtight glass container.

Place molds and glass container into refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Once set, remove from molds and place into another airtight glass container. Enjoy!!

Live hippily… and make treats healthy!!


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Becky is lover of life and a mom of two young boys. She believes in empowering moms and women to a healthy and holistic lifestyle through sharing information and experiences. Gratitude and love has led her into this journey and she hopes you will join her in learning and living beautifully.

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