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Introducing Kellie McCallister Matijasevic, she resides in Dallas, TX with her hubby and 3 kids!

Q) What do you love about Dallas?

A) The people are so nice! Got to love the cost of living as well:-)

Q) What is a tip you think every Hippie mom needs to know?

A) Always follow your mommy gut. There is no right/wrong way. The right way is right there, just trust your gut.

Q) What is your go-to recipe or current favorite recipe?

A) Almond butter, chia seed energy balls! The whole family loves them and they are easy to make. We’ve been doing a lot of organic egg omelets too.

Q) What is your favorite or most used holistic or natural remedy?

A) Colloidal Silver given topically and orally for any infection and ACV for congestion

Q) What is one thing you can’t live without? 

A) The chiropractor! Chiropractic care has done magical things for myself and all of my family members. I’ve taken my babies to get adjusted since they were born. It’s critical preventative care in our household! I attribute my kids overall health to chiropractic care. When we lack in going to get regular adjustments our overall health craters. The spine encases and protects a delicate nervous system that feeds every muscle, tissue and organ of the body! So a properly functioning spine is beyond important.

Q) What is your kids favorite healthy food?

A) Almond butter and raw honey sandwiches on a minimally processed bread.

Q) What do you incorporate into your daily life for optimal health?

A) Yoga! I fought it forever, but it is the one thing that clears my body and mind. Wish I could do it every day!

Q) What was the best advice you ever received from another Hippie Mom?

A) Do your own research then decide for yourself.

Q) What healthy habit or healthful food have you always wanted to try or incorporate into your life but haven’t? Why?

A) Kombucha. I have tried to brew my own, but was unsuccessful. I would really like to try it again. The mother/scooby just kind of weirded me out!

Q) What is your least favorite house chore?


Q) What do you do for yourself on a daily or weekly basis?

A) Yoga, take baths, date nights, girls’ night out. And believe it or not, this hippie mom loves to drink wine!

Q) What is the biggest challenge eating healthy (for you or kids)?

A) The biggest challenge for my family is finding an abundance of healthy recipes that the whole family will like so that mama doesn’t have to cook one dinner for the kids and another dinner for the adults!

Q) What is one healthy goal you want to incorporate or accomplish in your or your kids life over the next several months?

A) Finding some yummy healthy summer recipes because I make a lot of soups!

Q) What is one of your daily goals?

A) One of my daily goals is that all of my kids poop at least once every day! A healthy diet, probiotics and chiropractic care are great tools to accomplish this.

Q) What is a good mommy trick that you use with your kids…

A) I give a healthy treat choice for happy plates. Some ideas include a piece of dark chocolate, dark chocolate pomegranates (Costco), dark chocolate covered almonds and coconut covered dates.

Kellie’s Hippie Tip: As strongly as I feel about the overall health nobody is perfect! Don’t make it stressful. My kids don’t eat healthy for every meal by any means. We have plenty of special cheat times and quite honestly I’m just spread to thin sometimes! Dating my husband and finding time for myself are equally as important. I also consult and do some real estate investing in my “spare time” to keep my brain from turning into mush! Happy well-rounded living is what I’m talkin’ about ☺


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