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Meet a Hippie Mom – Tracee Mosseller

Introducing Tracee Mosseller! She resides in Dallas, TX with her two kids and hubby of 7 years! Watch her short intro video for her awesome tip on longer and healthier eyelashes! 

Tracee gives us insight to how she lives hippily in Dallas. She’s not only beautiful but witty and insightful! Don’t miss her delicious recipe she shares with us too! 

Q) What do you love about your city? 

A) I love that I have roots here.  I’ve lived in the metroplex my whole life.  Most of my friends live here, I met my husband here, and I had my babies here.  It’s home to me.

Q) What is a tip you think every Hippie mom needs to know?

A) Any mom, hippie or not, needs to know how to FORGIVE YOURSELF. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. It’s a HARD job.  There are tough decisions to be made.  Maybe you didn’t nurse as long as you wanted to or your child isn’t napping or they are having behavioral issues.  Our first thought is “what am I doing wrong”.  We need to learn how to release the guilt.  Know that you are doing everything you can for the best of your child/children.

Q) What is your go-to recipe or current favorite recipe?

A) Smoothies! I have a picky eater and I can hide literally anything in a smoothie and she will drink it. It makes me feel like a ninja.

Q) What is your favorite or most used holistic or natural remedy?

A) I’m positive that this is going to be a popular answer but I swear by coconut oil. I put that sh*t on everything. Butts, faces, chicken, veggies, smoothies, etc.  Disclaimer: I don’t dip from the same jar.  I have several.

Q) What is one thing you can’t live without?

A) I make organic skincare and salves as a hobby and I absolutely cannot live without my whipped body butter. Lavender Vanilla is my favorite scent and I swear my skin changed because of it.  I also make a Rosemary Mint sugar scrub that fights cellulite.  It runs a very close second.

Q) What is your kids’ favorite healthy food?

A) Salad. We either do chopped salmon with craisins and sunflower seeds or diced chicken with hard boiled eggs, black beans and corn. They scrape their plates!

Q) What do you incorporate into your daily life for optimal health?

A) ME time! Whether it’s an hour the gym or dinner with the girls or even walking the dog around the block, I need a minute to myself.   I need to collect my thoughts and center myself for the health (and safety) of my family.  It makes me a better mommy and wife.

Q) What was the best advice you received from another Hippie Mom?

A) Colloidal Silver and Garlic drops for ear infections. I start a drop of each as soon as I spot thick green snot. (Sorry about that snot part)

Q) What healthy habit or healthful food have you always wanted to try or incorporate into your life but haven’t? Why?

 A) Chiropractic care. And to be quite honest, I’m not sure why I haven’t incorporated it into our schedule.  I’ll take laziness for $200, Alex.

Q) What is your least favorite house chore and why?

A) All of them. Can that be my answer? All of them. 

Q) What do you do for yourself on a daily or weekly basis? 

A) YOGA.  If you haven’t found the glory in yoga, please do yourself a favor and give yoga a try.  Or a second or third try, for that matter.  It’s so much more than a workout.  For me, it is therapy.  You can find answers, work through issues or just quiet the chaos, all while getting stronger on your yoga mat. I look at my daily/weekly schedule and squeeze in as many sessions as I can. 

Q) What is the biggest challenge eating healthy (for you or kids)?

A) I think the biggest challenge is the expectation I place on myself. Sometimes I have to step back and let my kids be kids.  Let them enjoy a piece of pizza on a yeasty floury crust with tons of gluten and non-organic cheese and pepperoni filled with nitrates.  Lord knows it’s delicious.   

Q) What is one healthy goal you want to incorporate or accomplish in your or your kids life over the next several months?

A) I would really like to cut my sugar intake. I have a pretty active sweet tooth that I can’t seem to keep in check.

Q) What is something you can share with us that is funny, embarrassing, or vulnerable? 

A) Anyone who knew me in high school would be flabbergasted at my diet these days. Until I was about 25, I only ate meat, cheese and bread. Well and sweets.  I’ve already mentioned my sweet tooth. 

Q) What hobbies or passions do you have?

A) My skincare line is my number one hobby but I also enjoy photography and some design work.

Q) Can you share with us your favorite recipe?

A) Yes, Coconut Chicken Nuggets


1.5 Chicken breasts, cut into bite sized pieces
1 free range egg
1/2 cup almond or coconut meal/flour
1/4 cup shredded coconut
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp diced onion
1 tsp salt and dash of pepper
4 tbsp coconut oil


1. Set cut chicken aside
2. Mix in a large bag all of the ingredients except the chicken and the egg
3. Beat the egg and mix with chicken
4. Add everything together in the bag and shake until chicken is completely coated (be sure to seal bag!).
5. In a large sauce pan, heat on medium high heat. Add 2 tbsp of coconut oil and add chicken in.
6. Continuiously stir until the chicken starts to brown. As it cooks, the coconut oil will be absorbed by the chicken. Add another 2 tbsp to coat the pan. Add more if needed.
TRICKY TIP: You don’t want too much oil as the nuggets will become soggy. You also don’t want too little of oil as they can’t fry up nicely. Keep an eye and use your intuition! Enjoy!

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